Maybe life is a work in progress,

Slow to see results, miracles not abundant.

Maybe life is a lot of waiting and wishing,

Wading through the muddy water

Before you reach your dreams.

Maybe life is little moments strung together of joy and sadness, of waiting and then receiving.

Maybe, life is simply a jumbled, beautiful mess.


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The progress of my novel so far is… well, better than when I began blogging a few months ago.

Apparently my novel has a mind of it’s own, or perhaps it’s just my mind lacking proper skill and determination.

The toughest part for me has been the editing. Oh, the editing… I’ve been editing the thing for over a year. A year! I know, I know. Writing takes time. But a year is just so long if you think about it.

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A poem written about Endometriosis, but it encompasses any chronic illness.

My scars aren’t looking the best as of late,

I look at the stars

and wonder why the universe hates.

But then I think about strength–

and how I’m fighting through this length

of time.


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So, as of lately, I haven’t been the swellest. I was going to say ‘wellest’, but nixed that since it’s not a word.

(This post involves Endometriosis and uterus talk.)

I found out I may have more Endometriosis lingering after having had fairly extensive surgery for it last year, and the chance at getting a partial hysterectomy for my Adenomyosis is very slim, unless I search like a mad woman through all the possible doctors, which is definitely not an appealing prospect. I can’t even remember how many different doctors I’ve seen in the past few years – heck, mainly the last year. Continue reading “A LITTLE UPDATE ON MY HEALTH”


Foggy head, heavy eyes, tired body,

I’m about to drift into dreamland after a long day.

I arose this morning, and through each moment, I lived.

Each moment of conscious thought, each moment of negativity, each moment of doubt.

Each moment of laughter, each moment of love, each moment of pain, each moment of feeling human.


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I want to feel fearless, doubtless, confident.

I long to shed this skin of anxiety, working one small step at a time, to ultimately conquer the anxiety beast. Continue reading “THE ANXIETY BEAST”


She thought of her hopes and dreams that she once had,

swirled down the drain of her spiraling life’s path,

floating down below in the sewer, where they belong, she decided.

Trying out new things were too scary, too risky, too new.

She tried reminding herself that change is always uncomfortable.

She longed for better, brighter days. Continue reading “DAYS”