Our love is like a magnet
a silent force between us.
This bond brought us together
from opposing ends of the earth.
They say that opposites attract
and that is partly true,
but through our similarities,
we understood each other instantly.
Perhaps it wasn’t magnets, that
led me to you.

~tired mind typing fingers

Photo via Pixabay



Maybe life is a work in progress,

Slow to see results, miracles not abundant.

Maybe life is a lot of waiting and wishing,

Wading through the muddy water

Before you reach your dreams.

Maybe life is little moments strung together of joy and sadness, of waiting and then receiving.

Maybe, life is simply a jumbled, beautiful mess.


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The ocean sparkled and glittered, calming waves flowing to and fro.

The sand was cold but nice under our feet, a slight breeze in the evening.

Falling sun in the sky surrounded by pink hues

Where we married, basically just us two.

Tuxedo and lace gown,

Nothing too fancy, imperfectness bonding us together. ❤


Photo from, by YangSunmo


Love has strung together days, moments of

happiness for me.

Years went by without much of anything–

until we met.

Smiles, laughter, adventure, the newness of a newfound love.

I trace the days of “us” in your smile.


Photo from, by AnnaER

via Daily Prompt: Trace