Endometriosis is exhausting. I’ve read things here and there that compare the fatigue from this disease to the fatigue that happens with cancer… I mention cancer in relation to endo because of some recent (May 2017) scientific studies done on endo.

Below are some links to the studies. If you have endo, I’d recommend reading them – they’re very interesting! 

Science Daily

The New England Journal of Medicine 

Women’s Health Research Institute (at British Columbia Women’s)

I’m not a doctor, nor an expert, so you should check out the studies. 🙂

…but, basically, from my understanding, biopsies were taken from women with endo and mutations were found, which is hopefully leading the medical community to more answers on endo (yay!) and more personalized treatments!

It seems as though the correlation to endo and cancer may be more related than once thought (of course, that’s not to say you’ll be diagnosed with cancer if you have endo), and perhaps treatment options for endo will expand to using cancer drugs. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but hopefully it’s a good thing? I know that some treatment options for cancer (Lupron, for example) are already being used for endo.

What are your thoughts?

-tired mind typing fingers

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