I think I’ve written a post or two before on this topic, but, here we go again. 🙂

One of the things I’ve found through trying to write my novel and my efforts at writing consistently (“consistently”) is that writer’s block is a very real and difficult thing.

Inspirational moments of intense, brilliant ideas sometimes are very few and far between. If you feel it, write it. Once it’s gone, it’s gone.

If you can’t find the words, take a break. This is only my opinion, and for others this doesn’t work.

The other method is just to write every single day, whatever you can, to instill the act of writing consistently and trying to get something good out of it — even if it’s simply learning true discipline.

I found this quote, the opposite of what I usually do. Made me laugh a bit. 🙂

“Discipline allows magic. To be a writer is to be the very best of assassins. You do not sit down and write every day to force the Muse to show up. You get into the habit of writing every day so that when she shows up, you have the maximum chance of catching her, bashing her on the head, and squeezing every last drop out of that bitch.”
Lili St. Crow

What is your writing life like?


Photo from Pixabay.com, by voltamax


Author: tiredmindtypingfingers

Writing about writing and chronic illness, and trying to make something out of it.

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