I’m writing this story as I go, would love if you’d chime in with your thoughts! 🙂

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The day they met on the bus, was the day that changed both of their lives.

For Jane, it was the cheery mood she found herself in as she walked down her driveway after exiting the bus.

For Adrian, it was watching Jane leave the bus with a bounce in her step. He sensed she didn’t often feel that way — heck, he didn’t either.

As he got off the bus a mile down the road from Jane, he felt the bounce in his step too.

Was it because he hadn’t felt that way in so long? Was it because Jane reminded Adrian of his ex-wife?

Jane was pondering her run-in with Adrian as she snacked on some crackers and wine, her post-work routine. She deserved it, she always reminded herself. Her job as the hospital was only so much she could handle emotionally… no, she wasn’t qualified as a nurse or doctor, but that didn’t stop the amount of work she was piled with and all the questions patients bombarded her with as an office administrator. She understood though — her father was ill most of his life and he practically lived at the hospital.

She wondered if she drank because of her job, or was it because of her dad?

A man. A nice man. She settled into her sofa and favorite throw blanket as the stone fireplace crackled calmly.


Photo from, by Pexels


Author: tiredmindtypingfingers

Writing about writing and chronic illness, and trying to make something out of it.

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