Part 1

Jane and Adrian settle into their own seats at the back of the bus, which were uncomfortably close for strangers – this is what they thought for now, anyway. They were strangers. They weren’t aware that soon they would be inseparable.

Jane pulled a book from her bag and slid the bookmark out of it, trying to remember which paragraph she left off on. As she skimmed the page, Adrian pulled a book out of his jacket pocket.

“Hey, I’m Adrian. Just wanted to introduce myself before you got lost in reading.” The man said.

Jane was startled. For all she knew, the man was perfectly fine with staring out the window, ignoring her.

“Jane.” She replied with her outstretched hand. They shook hands, and she felt a little dizzy inside.

So did Adrian, but Jane didn’t know that. She could barely tell the difference between flirting and utter hatred from a man. It was an unfortunate ability – or lack thereof – of hers. Adrian didn’t know how Jane felt, either – except that she seemed the introvert type.

After the short greeting, the two began to read their books as passengers slowly filed off the bus and new ones got on. The little bell’s “ding” whenever somebody pulled the rope at their stop was the only constant noise, besides the loud chug of the bus.

Jane peeked at Adrian a time or two. He was dressed in jeans, a sweater, and a black parka. Gloves were set aside on his lap. He had dark short curls, and wickedly aqua blue eyes – a color she’s never seen on anybody before.

Jane was dressed in similar clothes with polka dotted rain boots (she checked the weather before heading out that day), dark brown eyes, and straight chestnut brown hair. She had her mittens on her lap, as well, but she kept her knitted hat on because the bus was particularly cold. She didn’t think the heat was working.

Adrian stayed in his seat for much longer than Jane expected him to, even when seats around them cleared up. Her stop was second to last, so she wondered if he was getting off at the last stop.

Sitting next to Adrian, she felt happy, comfortable. The close proximity grew on her, and on Adrian.

As Jane placed her bookmark back inside her book and closed it shut, slipping it into her bag, she noticed Adrian looking over at her.

She smiled shyly at him.

He smiled a little less shyly at her.

“So, if you ever want to chat about books, or buses, or anything…” Adrian began, laughing. “Here’s my number.” He quickly wrote down his number from a pen she didn’t notice he somehow had gotten ahold of, then tore a corner of a page from his book.

“That would be nice… um, thank you.” Jane replied, taking the slip of paper and tucking it inside her suitcase that she called a bag. She hoped it wouldn’t get lost in there. So he did like her…

“Don’t worry about the book–” Adrian said as he smiled, referencing the now missing corner. “You’re worth it.”


Photo from, by doctor-a


Author: tiredmindtypingfingers

Writing about writing and chronic illness, and trying to make something out of it.

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