I may look down at the ground when I see you coming,

because I don’t want you to see my face,

my blushing cheeks,

mouth that can’t stop smiling.

I may move aside when you walk right by me,

because I don’t want to bump into you,

and for you to have to apologize.

I may spend extra time getting ready before I know I’ll see you you’ll see me.

I may wear my favorite perfume,

in case you’re in close proximity.

I may wear my hair differently,

or apply a touch more makeup than usual.

I may say yes when if you asked me out to dinner,

or a movie, or just for a cup of coffee.

I may say yes if you noticed me,

if I was brave enough to look up at you.


Photo from Pixabay.com, by PublicDomainArchive


Author: tiredmindtypingfingers

Writing about writing and chronic illness, and trying to make something out of it.

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