Yesterday I had a new idea pop into my head for a story.

A real idea that I could see as a book.

So, as you can imagine, I got pretty excited about it and wanted to start writing right away! This was around five o’clock.

And then…

I had plans, I felt rushed. I didn’t have a notebook with me to write in the car, which I’ve learned is a big no-no as a writer. You never know when you’ll be inspired.

I wanted to write this post because I feel like I lost that initial ignition of passion that comes with writing a new story, and it makes me kind of sad.


I had that initial passion and I lost it when I was busy with something. I hope it comes back as I further my new story.

Late last night, hours after I initially had the idea fresh in my mind, I began clicking away at the keyboard, trying to get back some of that passion I had felt at five – then, all I wanted to do was write. Midnight, I was tired, and feeling a bit lackluster.

Part of the issue I have with this fleeting inspiration, is that I have all these grand ideas in my head for a story. I’m excited to write! When I start to write, it usually comes out in such boring, technical sentences. Basically, that’s the outline/first draft/base of the story… So, the normal first step. I guess I’m so focused on wanting what’s in my head to get to the page that I forget it usually doesn’t work that way.

When I strike that right inspirational moment and sentences are flowing magically, everything is good. Writing is easy and enjoyable. That doesn’t always happen. Much of the time, I’m using Dictionary.com to look up a word or synonym; much of the time it’s just thinking, and re-doing, and writing the basic gist so I can come back later and make it better.


In terms of writing stories that I want to turn into books, I like to write fiction. I have, let’s see… about five stories in the works at the moment, not including the novel I’m “almost” done with (“almost” because it’s the farthest of all of them, but needs some serious tweaking to be complete.)

My goal would be to publish all of my stories into books, as long as they come out good enough. Some might be short stories, others novels. I don’t want to put extra pressure on myself to make them into all long novels, so I’m leaving it be to see just how long they end up. I put too much pressure on my first one that’s still in progress…

I’d really, really love to get that novel done, but I also like to explore different story ideas because I get burnt out on one idea. Going back and forth can be confusing, but weaving between different types of work keeps things interesting and my perspective fresher. I don’t like leaving work on the back burner, but I also don’t like forcing myself to work on something when I feel totally blocked. I’m not very productive if I’m just staring at the screen.

I guess you could say most of my stories have some sort of serious tone to them, but I haven’t written a “thriller” type yet, so this new story, if the inspiration is enough to keep writing, will be the first. Another one I’m writing could probably be considered thriller in some ways, but it’s much more mystery/fantasy.

I’m looking forward to learning what I write best, what I enjoy writing the best, and learning a whole lot.

Do you take advantage of your passion to write, or do you ever wait, only to realize the passion is gone? Does it come back?

Lesson learned: bring a notebook!


Photo from Pixabay.com, by DariuszSankowski


Author: tiredmindtypingfingers

Writing about writing and chronic illness, and trying to make something out of it.

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