A little update on my health, for those interested in the chronic illness part of my blog.

I’ve been going to doctor appointments like a mad woman lately. It started with a new doctor who then referred me to several other doctors, who referred me to other doctors… I’m not complaining because the first doctor took my problems seriously and I actually feel like I’m on a better path to figuring this whole mess out.

Anyway, coming up I have tests. Lots of them. Blood testing, scans (already got one out of the way, yay), chiropractic visits, and, something a bit embarrassing but necessary according to my doctor: a colonoscopy. The colonoscopy is in part to see if I have any Endometriosis growing in that area (which is rare, I’ve heard.)

Overwhelmed doesn’t begin to describe my anxiety about these tests, especially the latter one because it’s more of a real procedure compared to the other tests, and lots has to go into it. Wish me luck!


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I’m writing this story as I go, would love if you’d chime in with your thoughts! 🙂

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The day they met on the bus, was the day that changed both of their lives.

for Jane, it was the cheery mood she found herself in as she walked down her driveway after exiting the bus.

For Adrian, it was watching Jane leave the bus with a bounce in her step. He sensed she didn’t often feel that way — heck, he didn’t either. Continue reading “PART 4 – THE CRAZY THING – A SHORT STORY”


Falling like a snowflake,

melting in the spring

I pry my eyes wide open

to feel the familiar emptiness.

It’s in my heart

It’s in my conscious

Maybe it’s always been there.

Emptiness is all encompassing,

swallowing me whole like a snake

eating it’s first meal of the day.

Continue reading “EMPTINESS ADRIFT”


Thank you to each and every one of you who’s decided to follow my blog and read, like, and comment on my work. It truly means the world to me! I love to write.

Writing helps me to navigate life’s struggles, helps me to learn and grow, helps me to think more clearly, and, most of all… it helps me to feel better throughout my depression.

*Insert happy/celebratory things here!*

Also, the photo is a little bit inaccurate — I’m not eating cake. But how nice would that be?


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Part 1: https://tiredmindtypingfingers.wordpress.com/2017/05/08/the-crazy-thing-a-short-story/

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“So, how would you like to pay?” The clerk asked the couple, standing behind the gleaming glass display of sparkling, expensive jewelry.

“Check.” Adrian responded, pulling a checkbook out of his pocket. Jane handed him a pen since she knew he’d forgotten his today. Continue reading “PART 3 – THE CRAZY THING – A SHORT STORY”


My mind,

utterly numb and drained,

restless sleep

plaguing my being,

I descend into chaotic melancholy

that is depression

and anxiety.

The two devils sitting on my shoulder–

one screaming don’t care,

the other forcing worries into my ears Continue reading “MY MIND”